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In 2003, Amber, owner of Your Perfect Cake in Greenville, NC, opened her very own cake shop.  She took pride in offering her customers beautiful and delicious cakes.  As the popularity for sleek fondant covered cakes grew, Amber realized there was a decision to be made:  

A:  Continue to use fondant and not be 100% proud of the taste of her product
B:  Stop using fondant and not have the means to create the designs being requested
Faced with these options, Amber decided to develop a new product that would allow her to make cakes as delicious as they were beautiful.
It was then that Magic Chocolate was born.  
With 75% white chocolate as its main ingredient, there is no denying the widely loved mellow sweet flavor.  Magic Chocolate covers cakes as beautifully as rolled fondant while using less product.  This product is changing the face of cake decorating world wide.